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V.A.C.® Therapy Reimbursement

KCI Medical Canada, Inc. provides V.A.C. Therapy and Therapeutic Support Systems to Hospitals, Home Care and Long Term Care Facilities. Our products are available for both rental and purchase to all health care facilities, private insurance and directly to patients.

Our Therapies are funded by various government-funded programs, third party agencies including Insurance Companies, WSIB, First Nations and Veterans Affairs depending on the patient specific criteria and whether there is coverage for V.A.C. Therapy or Therapeutic Support Systems within the patient's policy.

In the province of Ontario, the Ministry of Health recognizes the need to move patients more quickly through the continuum. This decreases the length of stay in the Acute Care setting and prevents readmissions secondary to development of pressure ulcers as patients can now be managed within Long Term Care facilities. As a result the Ontario High Intensity Needs Document was developed to access funds to approved residents in Long Term Care that require pressure ulcer and wound care treatment including our advanced V.A.C. Therapy and Therapeutic Support Systems.

Our rental program includes the added benefit of clinical and technical services including educational programs and value added initiatives.

The purchase of a KCI Therapy Product becomes the full responsibility and ownership of the customer purchasing. Extended warranty, service and maintenance packages should be considered at the time of purchase or within the first year.

If you have any questions regarding reimbursements, please send an e-mail to .

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